Selling Guide

Open Houses & Showings

When preparing your home for an open house or showing, give it a once-over from top to bottom, paying special attention to kitchen, storage and bathroom areas. It's a proven fact that clean, uncluttered and well-lit spaces look larger and more attractive, so try to clear away and store personal items like toys, family photos and knick-knacks when potential buyers will be coming to view your home.

You may also want to give the walls a coat of neutral paint, or hire a Home Staging Consultant, who will help you rework certain elements of your home to help make your home more attractive to interested buyers.

On the day of an open house, or when a buyer has an appointment to view your home, do a good tidy-up and make sure that any valuables are put away in a safe location before you go out, then relax and treat yourself to an afternoon off while the open house or showing is under way.

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