MLS#: TB162943/44/45/46
Lots 1 to 4 off Abram Lake Road
N/A Bedrooms, N/A Bathrooms

Abram Heights Acreages!

Spacious acreages offered in this high-end neighbourhood where values are second to none! Some of which offer lakeview, all of which offer a peaceful setting with wonderful nature right in your backyard! These are the last 4 vacant building lots left in this sought after area. Must not be missed, bring yourself and your wonderful new home to Abram Heights today!

Note: The price is per lot plus HST.



Lot Size:

Lot #1 has 180.25 Feet of Frontage = 2.595 Acres
Lot #2 has 180.51 Feet of Frontage = 2.585 Acres
Lot #3 has 180.45 Feet of Frontage = 2.567 Acres
Lot #4 has 180.45 Feet of Frontage = 2.550 Acres
Lot #5 has 247.67 Feet of Frontage = 2.958 Acres

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